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Tontine Good Night Easy Wash Quilt - All Seasons

Tontine Good Night Easy Wash Quilt - All Seasons

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Australian made and machine washable Tontine Good Night Easy Wash quilts are an Aussie family favourite because they are super cosy and offer great warmth, comfort and value. This Tontine Good Night Easy Wash quilt has a medium weight and medium warmth rating making it versatile enough to use all year round. This Aussie made Tontine Good Night Easy Wash quilt features: Medium Warmth Medium Weight Tontine’s Sustainable Ultrafibre® filling for long lasting comfort Anti-bacterially treated to inhibit the growth of bacteria & mould Natural Cotton cover for softness, breathability and freshness Machine Washable Made in Australia Quilt Size Guide: Single: 140cm x 210cm  Double: 180cm x 210cm Queen: 210cm x 210cm King: 240cm x 210cm Super King: 270cm x 240cm Tontine pillows, quilts, (including Doona branded quilts), mattresses, mattress toppers, mattress protectors, pillow protectors and other bedding accessories are known for their superior comfort and durability. To take care of your new Tontine bedding and ensure that it stays fresh, clean and performs well for its useful life, wash or clean it regularly and as often as required based on its usage. You’ll find the appropriate care instructions printed on the care label which is conveniently sown onto each Tontine bedding product. Following these instructions carefully, should ensure that your new Tontine bedding will provide you and your family with many nights of restful and relaxing sleep.  
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