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  9. Puradown ALL SEASON Premium Hungarian 80% Goose Down 20% Goose Feather Quilt

Puradown ALL SEASON Premium Hungarian 80% Goose Down 20% Goose Feather Quilt

Save $320.00
Puradown Premium Hungarian ALL SEASON Goose quilt is high warmth rating, this goose quilt is light weight luxury and comfortable, perfect for the cold months. The quilts are a cassette style or box walled construction with a border which is a non adjustable design. Featuring a series of individually filled squares for even fill distribution, which maintain an even distribution of warmth. The box wall construction creates an even look when laying on a bed. Down is the soft and fluffy clusters which grow under the outer layer of Geese to protect them from the cold. Down is a lighter and has better insulation capabilities than normal feather. The more down content the better the quilt will be for warmth and quality. Quilt encased in a 300 thread count Striped Sateen cotton down-proof cover. Made in Australia from Hungarian goose down.  Hungarian goose down is widely recognised as the best duvet filling. Hungarian goose down is sourced from the geese in the cold climates of Hungary. The colder the climate, the longer and thicker will be the down. Hungarian goose, therefore, offers long goose down clusters. Provides an even more luxurious choice thanks to its exceptional thermal qualities and softness. Features: 80% Hungarian White Goose Down & 20% Goose feathers 300 thread count Striped Sateen cotton down-proof cover Baffled cassette construction Light-weight luxry down proof cotton casing Made In Australia 5 Year Guarantee Used by many Luxury & 5 Star hotels across Australia. High warmth rating, Goose quilt is light weight  Perfect for the cold months. The quilts are a cassette style or box walled construction Non adjustable design. Series of individually filled squares, which maintain an even distribution of warmth. Even look when laying on a bed.  PRODUCT INFORMATION Luxurious Japara cotton cover Warmth without weight Fluffability - better insulation Drapability and softness Durability and lasts a lifetime Ability to breath - Wake up refreshed Washable and dry cleanable The comfort of down and feather quilts is designed with features that will help you fall asleep and wake up to a new morning. The reasons for the increasing popularity of the down quilts, there are multiple elements of downs and feathers that contribute to the beneficial aspects of bedding accessories. Down comes from under the outer layers of geese and ducks. It is designed to help protect these animals from the cold in their natural environments. Down also offers better insulation capabilities when compared with feathers. Despite its lightweight properties, a quilt with a high down content will be warmer. The blend of feathers and down give our quilts the ability to breathe and will provide insulation from moisture. Combining the quilts with a duck feather mattress topper, from our range will give you a lavish sleeping experience. Benefits of Feather Natural High warmth rating, suitable for cold sleepers A higher percentage of down will mean a warmer quilt Retains heat and insulates providing warmth with a light and lofty fill Goose down is a superior and warmer form of down than duck down Our feathers are ethically sourced and are a by-product Product Care Air well before use, fluff up and air frequently, dry clean 60+ or rejuvenation recommended. May be warm machined (large launderette machine recommended) or hand washed. Do not bleach, soak or wring. Dry thoroughly without delay. Line dry across several lines, consistently turning. Once almost dry, may be tumble dried warm for complete dryness. General Grams per Size (GSM) Single - 510 Double - 610 Queen - 720 King - 820 Super King - 1,050   ✓ QUILT TOG  - THERMAL RESISTANCE = 13.5  Sizes Single - 140cm x 210cm Double - 180cm x 210cm Queen - 210cm x 210cm King - 240cm x 210cm Super King - 270cm x 240cm    Warranty 5 Year manufacturer warranty
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