LOLA Massage Gun - Mint Cream

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LOLA is a massage gun for women who are serious about their training, and their relaxation too.  Lola can be used in lots of ways: Post workout - To prevent post-exercise soreness and speed up muscle recovery after a workout. To keep you moving - To prevent and break up muscular adhesions (or ‘knots), relieving pain and keeping you moving. Warm up - To effectively warm up your muscles before exercise. While relaxing - To relax, unwind, and have fun at the end of the day, cosy on the sofa while watching TV. After work or travel - To relieve tension and stiffness after long workdays and travel, reducing the sensations of fatigue and jet lag. While traveling - On holiday or while travelling, thanks to it’s lightweight and compact size. Features: Smaller than an iPhone and easily held in one hand. Weighs < 500 grams, and can withstand up to 15kg of force. Four interchangeable heads and four massage speeds. 10 minutes every day for 60 days without needing to charge. Four head versatility: U-Shape - Targeted massage for narrower parts of the body, such as the neck as well as the ankles and calf muscles. Flat - Smoothly massage flat major muscle groups, for example on the back and chest. Ball - Gently massage soft tissues and more sensitive areas for relaxation. Cone - A percussion-style technique for deeper massage, perfect at acupressure points. What's in the box: Lola massage gun 4 different head attachments Protective pouch USB-C Charging cable   Specifications:Speed settings:4Weight:0.95 lBS (453G)Heads included:4Battery life:150 MinutesMax RPM:Level 1: 1400RPMLevel 2: 2000RPMLevel 3: 2500RPMLevel 4: 3000RPMDimension:6.29" x 3.54" x 1.88"16 cm x 9 cm x 4.8 cmForce:Force/Power: 12.6V / Max. 15kg (if used on highest level) - 15kg/12kg/10kg/7kg based on 4 levelsAmplitude:Head moving in and out: 6mm Charging:Fast-charging lithium battery (Type C, 2000mAh), powering 3~7 hours of massage. Use Lola for 10 minutes every day for 60 days without needing to charge.
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