Samsung Compatible Navibot SR8845 Battery Replacement

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Specifications : Width: 135.03mm Height: 44.51mm Length: 45.77mm Capacity: 3500mAh Chemistry: Ni-MH Voltage: 14.4V / 14.8V Compatible Parts / Models : Models : Navibot Airfresh SR8F30 Navibot Airfresh SR8F31 Navibot Airfresh SR8F40 Navibot Airfresh SR8F51 Navibot Light SR8750 Navibot SR8730 Navibot SR8750 Navibot SR8750 Light VR10ATBATGY/SW Navibot SR8824 Navibot SR8825 Navibot SR8828 Navibot SR8830 Navibot SR8840 Navibot SR8841 Navibot SR8843 Navibot SR8844 Navibot SR8845 Navibot SR8846 Navibot SR8847 Navibot SR8848 Navibot SR8849 Navibot SR8850 Navibot SR8855 Navibot SR8857 Navibot SR8875 Navibot SR8877 Navibot SR8895 Navibot SR8895 Silencio Navibot SR8896 Navibot SR8897 Navibot SR8898 Navibot SR8990 Navibot VCR8730 Navibot VCR8750 Navibot VCR8824 Navibot VCR8825 Navibot VCR8830 Navibot VCR8843 Navibot VCR8844 Navibot VCR8845 Navibot VCR8845T3A Navibot VCR8846 Navibot VCR8847 Navibot VCR8848 Navibot VCR8849 Navibot VCR8850 Navibot VCR8855 Navibot VCR8855L3A Silencio Navibot VCR8855L3B Navibot VCR8857 Navibot VCR8877 Navibot VCR8894 Navibot VCR8895 Navibot VCR8896 Navibot VCR8897 Navibot VR5000 Navobot VCR8840 Silencio SR-VCR8750 SR-VCR8751 SR-VCR8825 SR-VCR8845 SR-VCR8855 SR-VCR8895 SR8730 SR8750 Light VR10ATBATGY/SW SR8824 SR8825 SR8828 SR8830 SR8840 SR8841 SR8843 SR8844 SR8845 SR8846 SR8847 SR8848 SR8849 SR8850 SR8855 SR8857 SR8875 SR8877 SR8895 SR8895 Silencio SR8896 SR8897 SR8898 SR8990 SR8F30 SR8F31 SR8F40 SR8F51 TRD/SW VC-RA52V VC-RL84V VC-RL84VC VC-RL84VR VCR8730 VCR8750 VCR8824 VCR8825 VCR8830 VCR8840 VCR8843 VCR8844 VCR8845 VCR8845T3A VCR8846 VCR8847 VCR8848 VCR8849 VCR8850 VCR8855 VCR8855L3A Silencio VCR8855L3B VCR8857 VCR8877 VCR8894 VCR8895 VCR8896 VCR8897 VR10ATBATGY/SW VR10ATBATRD/SW VR10BTBATBB/SW VR10BTBATUB/SW Parts : AP5576883 AP5579205 DJ63-01050A DJ96-00113C DJ96-00116B DJ96-0083C VCA-RBT20
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