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Pro Smoke Pizza Kit

Make restaurant quality pizzas on your barbie like a pro on your BBQ or your oven with all the tools from this pizza kit Includes: Pizza Stone: Stone remains hot and evenly cooks pizza every time. Pizza Paddle Peel: Stainless steel blade with folding anti-slip grip handle, the pizza paddle peel effortlessly slides beneath your pizza bases and makes it even easier to flip or rotate them. Pizza Server/Spatula: Stainless steel server/spatula with anti-slip grip handle that can easily glide under delicate crusts and makes it the perfect shape for picking up pizza slices. Pizza Wheel/Cutter: Stainless steel blade with anti-slip grip handle makes cutting pizzas effortless. *Due to the porous nature of stone, pizza stone will stain with use - this does not effect usage. HANDLING/WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Do not use dish washing detergents on pizza stone as this will affect the taste of pizzas. To clean stone use a stone brush and warm water only to scrub the pizza stone thoroughly, rinse with water (do not soak in water) and dry excess water with a cloth and allow to air dry before storage. For stubborn, burnt in stains try bicarbonate of soda/water paste: Make paste with equal parts water and bicarbonate of soda. Scrub the paste on the stains using a stone brush, work the paste in circular motions until the stains are removed. Rinse with water, wipe dry and allow to air dry before storage. HAND WASH ONLY Length: Width: Height:
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