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Sucklebusters SPG BBQ Rub

Sucklebusters SPG BBQ Rub

Description and specs
Experience the perfect blend of salt, pepper, and garlic with the Sucklebusters SPG rub. Enhance your meats' natural flavor and let the taste shine through! Packed with Flavour: This all-purpose seasoning blend is packed with flavour and will add a delicious taste to any meal. With large-flake ingredients like salt, pepper and garlic BBQ rub, this blend is perfect for big cuts of meat or high heat grilling. Balanced Taste: This all-purpose BBQ rub will bring the perfect balance of flavour to your meals with its combination of salt, pepper and garlic. The subtle blend of these key ingredients allows for a delicious taste that won't overpower your food. No MSG or Gluten: This BBQ rub is free from any MSG or gluten, ensuring that you can enjoy a flavourful meal without compromising your health. It's suitable for those with allergies or dietary restrictions and makes for a guilt free indulgence. Ingredients: Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Garlic, Turbinado Sugar, Spices and Silica.

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