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Matchstick Monkey Teething Toy And Gel Applicator Green

in Nursing sold by Babymate
Matchstick Monkey helps you and your baby navigate teething together. Teething can be uncomfortable and even painful for your baby, but textured bumps get teething gels to the source of pain to soothe it quickly. Ergonomically designed for baby hands, your little one will love chewing on the playful Matchstick Monkey. They're a friend your little one can keep at home, or take with them wherever they go! Product Details: FDA approved food-grade silicone BPA free, non-toxic and environmentally friendly Ergonomic design helps your baby develop motor skills from an early age Lightweight and easy for little hands to hold Flexible and gentle on little gums Dishwasher safe and fridge friendly Pre-training toothbrush to help babies and toddlers get used to brushing their teeth Bumps massage the gums gently Helps you apply teething gels safely and hygienically, even to hard to reach molars Suitable for steam and cold water sterilisation Height: 10.5cm
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