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  9. Dr Browns Glow In The Dark Pacifier Stage 1 Pink

Dr Browns Glow In The Dark Pacifier Stage 1 Pink

Safe soothing has never been smarter! Dr. Brown's® PreVent® Soothers are as adorable as they are intelligent. Designed by a pediatric dentist, the 100% silicone bulb features a patented suction-free air channel and thin stem that reduce pressure inside babys mouth helping prevent dental issues such as crossbite down the road. With PreVent Soothers, there's a size for every age, ranging from 0 to 12m+. The bulb is taste-free, odourless, and keeps its unique shape over time. Plus, they're cute! From animal faces to glow-in-the-dark, PreVent Soothers offer a playful print and fun-but-functional shield shape that fits each little face. Easily keep PreVent Soothers clean - they're dishwasher (top rack) and sterilizer safe! BPA free.
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