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  9. Dr Browns Softshape Silicone Shields Size B 2 Pack

Dr Browns Softshape Silicone Shields Size B 2 Pack

Every shape fits SoftShape! Dr. Brown's SoftShape Silicone Shield is made of 100% silicone for a comfortable, flexible pumping experience no matter your breast shape. Drop the hard, plastic flanges and grab the SoftShape, the silicone shield that conforms to your unique breast physique. This one-piece, removable shield is easy to pop on and off your pump, quick to clean and simpler to keep track of than flanges with multiple parts. The soft silicone is gentle against your skin, making pumping more comfortable for mom. The SoftShape Silicone Shield comes in A (21 mm), B (25 mm), and C (30 mm) to fit a wide variety of sizes. Pair it with Dr. Brown's Manual Breast Pump, Single Electric Breast Pump, or the Customflow Double Electric Breast Pump. Dishwasher safe (top rack) and BPA free.
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