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Dr Browns Narrow Neck Options+ Premmie Teats 2 Pack

in Nursing sold by Babymate
Dr. Brown's® Narrow Neck Teats are great for Preemies, new-borns, and breastfed babies! Dr. Brown's® uniquely Teats works together with our internal vent system to help babies feed at a pace that's perfect for them. Each Teat provides the same consistent flow rate, so both you and baby know exactly what to expect. Together with the anti-colic internal vent system, the Preemie Nipple offers vacuum-free feeding that is clinically proven to reduce colic, decreases spit-up, burping and gas, better preserves nutrients, and aids in digestion for a good night's sleep. Made of super-soft, high-grade silicone, the Teat fits all Dr. Brown's Narrow bottles. Dishwasher (top rack) and sterilizer safe. BPA free.
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