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Tommee Tippee Travel & Steriliser Bag

Having a baby is a joyful event, however feeding and caring for a baby can require a lot of equipment. When you're on the go or travelling to sunny climes it can be difficult to take everything with you. These reusable Travel & Microwave Steriliser Bags can store your breast pump, bottle or other baby feeding items in a sterile environment on the go, then once you've used them, you can put everything back inside to carry it back home without messing up your bag or worrying about spilt milk. They are also stylishly designed so they fit nice and discreetly into any handbag or baby changing bag. They are simple to use just add water and place in the microwave and in as little as 90 seconds you can have a sterilised breast pump or bottle ready to use. You can use each bag up to 30 times, which cuts down on waste. There's even a handy check box to help you keep track of how many times you've used each bag, because goodness knows you have enough to think about! Re-use each steriliser bag up to 30 times - quick and convenient way to sterilise breast pumps and baby feeding accessories at home or on the go  Works in seconds - just 90 seconds to sterilise breast pumps, bottles and accessories  Stylish storage stylishly designed to fit discreetly into your bag, use it to transport your sterile breast pump or bottles and when you've finished using them put them back in to keep your bag mess free  In the pack - 5 re-usable travel and microwave steriliser bags
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