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  9. Benbat Seat Belt Pals - Frog (0-12 Months)

Benbat Seat Belt Pals - Frog (0-12 Months)

BenBat Seat Belt Pals - Frog (0-12 Months) This friendly creature helps keep your child safe and protected by preventing chafing and roughness in seatbelts and harnesses. This Belt Pal is fun, friendly, and fashionable, with pop-out animals for children's entertainment. Product Features: The design coordinates with the Travel Friends headrest line. Crinkly sounds to stimulate the baby's senses Pacifier or tooth holder for easier access during travel Reversible: Winter and summer fabrics allow comfort and use in all seasons. For use with infant carriers (car or stroller), Attaches easily with Velcro. Recommended Age: 0-12 months
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