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Lamaze Colorful Journey Caterpillar

in Playtime sold by Babymate
LAMAZE Colorful Journey Caterpillar Embark on a sensory adventure with this adorable caterpillar pal! On one side, each accordion panel is bursting with bright colours, playful images, and exciting things to explore-like a hidden squeaker, unique fabric textures, and delightful crinkle sounds. Flip to the other side to find calming black-and-white patterns, or soothe sore gums with the teether tethered to the front. There's so much to discover! Folding shut with a hook-and-loop closure, the Lamaze Colourful Journey Certpillar is a perfect pal for all your little one's journeys, learning or otherwise. Product Features: Suitable for ages 6 months and up Folding fabric sensory toy for baby Encourages sensory learning, fine motor skills, and image recognition. One side features colourful panels with fun nature scenes. features a hidden squeaker, unique fabric textures, and crinkle sounds. The other side features black-and-white patterns for soothing the baby's eyes. Chewy teether attached to the front Caterpillar folds and secures shut with hook-and-loop closure. Recommended Age: 6m+ Additional Info: Product Dimensions: 15.24 x 6.98 x 18.41 cm Weight: 0.08 kg Batteries Required: No
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