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ELC - Bathtime Tea Party

in Playtime sold by Babymate
Splish, splash or scoop and seive with this floating tea party set. Let's have a bathtime tea party. Six accessories and a shape sorting tray. Three cake water squirters. Two cups for seiving fun. Sort the shapes on the floating tray. Transparent tea pot to watch the water swish and pour. Let's have a magical tea party. Open the teapot and scoop up some water. See it splish and splash around. Pretend to pour out a lovely cup of tea. Stir the tea and help everyone choose a delicious slice of cake. Playing pretend inspires imagination. Look at the shapes of the cups and cakes and try and fit them into the right places on the tray then watch it float in the bath. Sorting and placing the shapes helps develop hand to eye coordination. Ages 12months+
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