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Gymnastics Mat. Customised for your little ones, this vibrant 4 cm thick mat opens up a safe and comfy playground for their everyday adventures. With just three easy folds, portability reaches new heights. Carry it effortlessly with built-in handles, transforming any corner into a fun-filled arena for your children. Safety, Comfort, and Peace of Mind Experience peace of mind as your child dives into fun-filled activities on our mat. It's not just a play area; it's a safe haven. The 5 cm high-density foam core effectively cushions your child, offering superior protection during their most dynamic stints of play and exercise. The anti-slip surface enhances stability, ensuring a secure and worry-free environment for your little adventurers. Long-lasting Delight and Effortless Maintenance Our mat isn't just a play and exercise accessory; it's a passport to limitless joy. Its durability is tested against the rigorous antics of enthusiastic children, promising a long-lasting playmate. The simple-to-clean feature ensures that your child's playground always remains fresh and welcoming. Specifications: Thickness: 4 cm for maximum comfort Folding Mechanism: Three folds for easy storage and transport Material: Durable, anti-tear surface EPE Foam  Cleaning: Easy to clean for maintained freshness Safety: Non-slip surface for secure play and exercise Portability: Built-in handles for effortless carry Features: High-density foam core: For exceptional impact absorption Foldable Design: Easy to store and portable Easy Clean Surface: Allows quick cleaning after use Anti-slip Surface: Offers stability during various activities Carry Handles: For simple transportation Advantages: Safe and Comfortable: Provides a secure and cushioned surface for play and exercise Versatile: Perfect for a range of activities, from tumbling to quiet play Easy Storage: Three-fold design makes it convenient to store Durable: Withstands energetic play, promising a long life Simple to Clean: Ensures a hygienic play area for your child
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