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✅ DEHP Level 0 ✅ Safe For Babies ✅ Formamide Free ✅ BPA Free ✅ Expandable - Connect More of the Play Mats ✅ Upgraded Non-slippery surface for safer play Introducing Playpen-Friendly Play Mats: BabiesMart Playpen-Friendly Baby Play Mats are specially designed to fit inside playpens, providing a soft, comfortable, and safe surface for babies and toddlers to play and explore. Variants (Custom sizes to fit playpens): Custom sizes are tailored to popular playpen dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific playpen. Provide a measurement guide to help customers choose the right size for their playpen. Size Explained: Each BabiesMart Play Mat is designed to fit seamlessly into playpens of different sizes. The mats measure 30 x 30 x 1 cm, and for easier transportation and connectivity, we send four squares combined into one sheet, making it 60 x 60 x 1 cm. Choose from our variety of packages to perfectly match your playpen size: 32 Squares (8 Sheets) - 180 x 150 cm: Ideal for a standard 14-panel (12 Panels + 2 Gates) playpen (143 x 63 cm). This set includes two extra squares for added convenience. 36 Squares (9 Sheets) - 180 x 180 cm: Our best-seller in Australia, this size is perfect for a 16-panel (14 Panels + 2 Gates) playpen (179 x 179 cm). Simply place the playpen on top of the assembled play mats. 44 Squares (11 Sheets) - 180 x 210 cm: Designed for an 18-panel (16 Panels + 2 Gates) playpen (179 x 216 cm), this set comes with two extra squares for easy adjustments and alignment. 56 Squares (14 Sheets) - 210 x 210 cm: Ideal for a 20-panel (18 Panels + 2 Gates) playpen (216 x 216 cm), this package includes three extra squares for added flexibility and customization. 64 Squares (16 Sheets) - 240 x 240 cm: This size fits nicely inside a 22-panel (20 Panels + 2 Gates) playpen (216 x 252 cm) for a spacious and comfortable play area. For other playpen sizes such as 180 x 255, 56 squares (14 sheets) can cover 180x270 CM as each tile is only 30x30x1 cm which can be easily changed to different sizes as desired. For a Very Big Playpen such as 280x280, please get 2 of 56 squares as that will cover an area of 300 x 300 cm. Select the package that best suits your playpen size and create a cozy, safe environment for your baby to play and explore. Playpen-Friendly Play Mat Features: Easy installation: Interlocking tiles can be effortlessly arranged and rearranged to fit snugly within the playpen, ensuring a secure and stable play area. Stylish & modern: Choose from a variety of colours and designs to match your playpen and home décor. Safety: Made from non-toxic, soft EVA foam with a non-slippery surface, offering a safe environment for your little one. Easy maintenance: Waterproof, water-resistant, and simple to clean with a sponge and handwashing liquid. Dry with paper towels or wipes. Developmental benefits: Enhance physical, cognitive, and emotional skills for babies and toddlers, while also improving motor skills. Versatile Use of BabiesMart Baby Play Mats: Playrooms: Create a safe and comfortable space for children to play and explore. Nurseries: Offer a soft surface for babies to practice tummy time, crawl, and play. Playpens: Customize play mats to fit inside playpens for a secure and cozy environment. Daycare centres: Set up a clean, padded surface for group play and activities. Reading nooks: Design a snug reading area with play mats, cushions, and books. Exercise and yoga: Use play mats as a cushioned surface for stretching or light workouts. Pet areas: Provide a comfortable and easy-to-clean surface for pets to rest and play. Sensory rooms: Create a safe and inviting environment for children with special needs. Certifications, Testings & Safety Standards: Phthalate-free: Our play mats are free from harmful phthalates, ensuring a safer environment for your little ones. Non-toxic: Made from non-toxic materials, our play mats are baby-friendly and safe for everyday use. DEHP level < 1: Compliant with strict safety standards, our play mats have a DEHP level of less than 1, minimizing potential risks. EN71 tested: Our play mats have been tested and certified to meet the European EN71 safety standards for toys, providing added peace of mind. Formamide-free: Our play mats are free from formamide, an additional safety measure to ensure a healthier play environment for your children. Age Recommendation BabiesMart Play Mats are suitable for newborns and infants, providing a comfortable and safe surface for tummy time, crawling, sitting, and playing. Crafted from non-toxic, baby-friendly EVA foam, our play mats meet strict safety standards, ensuring a healthy play environment for your little ones. Newborns: Our play mats are designed to be gentle and supportive for newborns. Always supervise your baby during tummy time and other activities to ensure their safety. Infants and Toddlers: As your baby grows, our EVA foam play mats continue to provide a secure and comfortable surface for various developmental milestones, including crawling and sitting. Important Instructions for Buyers When you receive your BabiesMart Play Mat, you may notice a slight odour or some dirt on the mat. This is normal and can result from the manufacturing process or transit. To ensure the best experience for you and your baby, please follow these simple steps before using the play mat: Air it out: Unpack the play mat and lay it out in a well-ventilated area for a few hours or overnight. This will help dissipate any manufacturing smell. Clean the surface: Before using the play mat, gently clean it with a damp cloth or sponge and mild soap. Rinse with water and pat dry with a towel or let it air dry. This will help remove any dirt or debris that may have accumulated during transit. By following these easy steps, you can ensure a clean and fresh play mat for your baby to enjoy. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in making the BabiesMart Play Mat a safe and comfortable space for your child. Why Choose BabiesMart Playpen-Friendly Baby Play Mats? The BabiesMart Playpen-Friendly Baby Play Mats are specifically designed to fit inside playpens, creating a comfortable and secure play area for your child. The easy installation, stylish designs, safety features, and developmental benefits make these play mats an excellent addition to your playpen setup. The custom size options ensure a perfect fit, enhancing the overall functionality and aesthetics of your baby's play space. In conclusion, the BabiesMart Playpen-Friendly Baby Play Mats provide a safe, comfortable, and stylish solution for parents looking to enhance their playpen setup. The custom sizes, easy maintenance, and developmental benefits make them an excellent investment for families seeking a dedicated play area for their little ones.
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