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  9. S.E. Memory Foam Mattress Topper 7 Zone 5CM Queen
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S.E. Memory Foam Mattress Topper 7 Zone 5CM Queen

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Description Made from supreme Visco elastic memory foam with a perfect percentage of 20% cool gel properties, you can be assured that our 5cm thick memory topper provides optimal sleep during the warmer as well as cooler months of the year. Our memory foam topper offers better blood circulation and total relief for any joint and muscle pains or back problems. The Vertical Wave sections provide gentle support for your head & neck, foot & ankle. The Horizontal Waves components perfectly support your waist and knee, and the middle Egg Crates sections indulgently embrace your pelvis. Features * 7-zone contoured design * Vertical Waves sections - head & neck, foot & ankle * Coils sections - shoulder and calf * Horizontal Waves sections - waist and knee * Coils sections - back and torso support * Egg crate section - pelvis * In-house testing - pressing &trundling 50,000 times * Certified by OEKO-Tex, SGS, BSCI, CE * Ideal for both warm and cool days * Perfectly contours to shape of body * Minimise motion disturbance * Body heat dissipation * Removable & machine-washable fabric cover * Eco-friendly jacquard bamboo fabric * Even weight distribution * Highly breathable design * Dust mite and mould resistant * Natural deodorization * Allergy-proof * Anti-static and hygroscopic * Anti-skid base Specifications * Size: Queen * Dimension: 203 x 153 x 5cm * 7-zone contoured design * 7-zone contoured design * 100% Visco elastic memory foam * 20% perfect percentage of cool gel * 60kg/m3 high density cool gel memory foam * 5cm thick perfect enjoyment Package Contents 1 x Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper
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