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Rinnai 100cm Duct Pipe

Rinnai 100cm Duct Pipe

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Description and specs
The Rinnai DSFPIPE1000 100cm Duct Pipe is a must-have accessory for anyone looking to install their Rinnai Drysoft gas dryer in a location that is not adjacent to an exhaust duct. This aluminium pipe serves as a connection between your dryer and the exhaust duct, ensuring efficient and proper ventilation. With the ability to be cut to any required length, this pipe offers flexibility and adaptability to suit your specific installation needs. Additionally, if your installation requires multiple pipes, this duct pipe allows for easy connection of additional sections, providing a versatile flueing solution. The high-quality construction of this pipe ensures durability and longevity, making it a reliable choice for your dryer installation. Whether you are setting up your dryer in a non-traditional location or simply need to extend the reach of your exhaust duct, the Rinnai DSFPIPE1000 100cm Duct Pipe is an essential accessory that will help ensure optimal performance of your gas dryer.

If you plan to install your Rinnai Drysoft gas dryer somewhere thats not adjacent to an exhaust duct, youll need this aluminium pipe to connect your dryer to the exhaust duct. The pipe can be cut to any required length, and additional pipes can be used if required for your installation, providing you with a versatile flueing solution.

Finished Colour: White
Accessories Included:
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