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  9. Tefal 32cm Triply Wok with Lid
Tefal 32cm Triply Wok with Lid
Tefal 32cm Triply Wok with Lid
Tefal 32cm Triply Wok with Lid
Tefal 32cm Triply Wok with Lid

Tefal 32cm Triply Wok with Lid

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Description and specs
Introducing the Tefal 32cm Triply Wok with Lid, a versatile and durable cooking companion for your kitchen. This wok is constructed with a Three-Ply design, ensuring excellent heat distribution and uniform cooking results. The sturdy body of this wok guarantees long-lasting usage, making it a reliable addition to your cookware collection. With its smart lid, you can easily cover and uncover your dishes, allowing for convenient usage and hassle-free cooking. Whether you're stir-frying vegetables, searing meat, or preparing a delicious noodle dish, this wok will deliver exceptional performance every time. Its spacious 32cm size provides ample cooking space, perfect for preparing meals for the whole family. The Tefal 32cm Triply Wok with Lid is a must-have for any cooking enthusiast looking for a high-quality and versatile wok that will stand the test of time. Upgrade your kitchen arsenal with this reliable and efficient wok and elevate your culinary skills to new heights.
Warranty: 2 Years
  • Three-Ply construction for durability and homogenous cooking results.
  • Sturdy body for long-lasting usage.
  • Smart lid for easy usage.

Finished Colour: Stainless Steel
Accessories Included:
Delivery and returns
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