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Mercator Eagle Chrome 1400mm (56 Inch) Ceiling Fan

Mercator Eagle Chrome 1400mm (56 Inch) Ceiling Fan

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Description and specs
Introducing the Mercator Eagle Chrome 1400mm (56 Inch) Ceiling Fan, a stylish and efficient addition to any space. This ceiling fan features 3 ABS blades with a diameter of 1400mm (56 inches), ensuring optimal air circulation throughout the room. Powered by a high-performance energy efficient 35W DC motor, this fan operates quietly while providing a powerful breeze. The fan is tropically rated, making it suitable for use in humid environments. With summer/winter reversing settings, you can easily switch between cooling and heating modes to maintain a comfortable temperature year-round. The included 6-speed remote controller allows for convenient operation, and it even has a learning function to adapt to your preferences. Thanks to the Sea-Breeze technology, this fan is capable of automatic variable speed control, adjusting the airflow according to the room's conditions. With its sleek chrome finish, the Mercator Eagle Ceiling Fan adds a touch of modern elegance to any room while providing efficient and customizable cooling.
Warranty: 3 Years
  • * 1400mm (56) ceiling fan 3 ABS blades
  • * High-performance energy efficient 35W DC motor
  • * Tropically rated
  • * Summer / Winter reversing settings
  • * 6-Speed remote controller
  • * Remote controllerwith 6 speeds and learning function
  • * Sea-Breeze technology enabling automatic variable speed control

  • Finished Colour: Brushed Chrome
    Accessories Included: Remote controller
    Delivery and returns
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