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  9. Thunderbird Mains/Battery 350km Electric Fence Energiser

Thunderbird Mains/Battery 350km Electric Fence Energiser

The MB5600R Ultra high power mains or battery operated energisers. The most powerful Australian made Energisers - EVER! THUNDERBIRD proudly releases the new range of ULTRA high powered fence energisers, using micro computer and SMD electronics to maximise reliability and performance. These are great AUSTRALIAN made products! Digital screen displays - Fence voltage, earth condition, amps - condition of fence, stored joules used, mode and menu displays. Can operate from Mains, battery or a 12 Volt solar system. Remote ready - can be turned on or off from the fence line. Earth sense - displays energiser earthing condition. Fence return terminal - measures entire fence wire loop. Built in Alarm operates optional siren and strobe with alarm history. 3 power levels to select low mid high power levels, alarm levels and 13 pulse speeds to select from - 1.2 to 2.4 seconds. Intelligent adaptive control - boosts power level as required. Tough ABS enclosure with o-ring seal. Extra large terminals, battery monitoring, set up menu, time clock Specifications for the MB5600R Stored Jules: 55.3 Max Distance: 350km Voltage @ No Load: 9.0kV Voltage @ 250ohms: 8.2kV Current drain: 4.1 A
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