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Nemtek Agri 20km Electric Fence Energiser

The Agri 20km energizers can be powered with a battery or by mains, making them handy and adaptable depending on your needs. Features: Powers up to 20km of fence/32 acres/12.8ha (optimal fence conditions) Robust weather resistant system Battery charge state indicator Energizer overload indicator Day/night sensor Powered by battery (sold separately) or mains power adaptor (included) Adaptable mounting options (wall, fence wire or wooden post) Lightning protection Many programmable options via the LCD handheld remote , (optional accessory) including adjustment of fence voltage and pulse rate, independent day/night setting, battery voltage reporting and fence performance monitoring Specifications: Dimensions 190(L) x 115(W) x 76(D)mm Output energy max 2J (stored energy 3.3J) Output voltage 6.0kV @500Ohms 6.5kV @1000Ohms 9kV @ Open circuit Power source Battery 12Vdc Power supply 12Vdc IP rating IP54
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