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Cat Cardboard House Tree Tower Condo Scratcher

Save $25.25
One thing's for sure , cats love cardboard boxes. Every time you unpack a box, there they are, trying to get in it. Give your kitty a cardboard condo of his own with this sturdy cat penthouse by Randy & Travis Machinery. With a cute cat face-shaped entryway and a port window at the top of the condo, he'll relax in style. Whether your cat likes to laze around on the roof or hide inside, she'll have her choice of spaces to catch up on sleep or wait for a mouse to scurry by. Crafted from corrugated, compressed cardboard reinforced with 11 mm added thickness and rigid poles, this kitty house is built to last , so long as you don't rinse or wash it. With a solid floor and sustainable, all-natural walls, this house will lower Kitty's carbon footprint, as well as your own. Multiple scratchboards provide her with a place to sharpen her claws. You'll love its lightweight construction , you can move it all over the house as you see fit. If you have multiple cats , or even smaller dogs , this cardboard house can house them all. Get yours today! Features and specifications: Material: Compressed and reinforced recycled cardboard Colour: Brown Dimensions: 60 x 41 x 54 cm (L x W x H) Rigid poles and 11 mm added thickness for strength Solid base Easy assembly and setup Portable and lightweight Non-toxic, sturdy, and sustainable materials Accommodates multiple cats or small dogs Multiple scratchboards for Kitty to sharpen her claws Store away from heat sources in a dry area , do not wash or rinse
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