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Wonder Wheat Original Cat Litter 8kg

Wonder Wheat Original Cat Litter 8kg

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Description and specs
Control odour and make cleaning the litter tray a simple scoop and pour into the toilet with Wonder Wheat Cat Litter. Made from 100% Biodegradable Wheat Grain Wonder Wheat Cat Litter is a pure organic litter containing no additives or clumping agents and is guaranteed sewer and septic safe making the litter fully flushable. The unique process extracts natural starches from the wheat grain with the process causing the Wonder Wheat Cat Litter to form firm flexible clumps. It also provides superior odour control from the protein enzymes found within the wheat that neutralise & absorb the urine odour. Wonder Wheat Cat Litter works naturally, without the use of chemicals, additives or cover up products and is 100% Australian made and owned and most importantly it is feline friendly and safe.
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