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  9. Wonder Wheat Natural Cat Litter 4kg
Wonder Wheat Natural Cat Litter 4kg

Wonder Wheat Natural Cat Litter 4kg

Don't Pay $58.50 
Save $14.62
Description and specs
Cat people, once you discover Wonder Wheat Cat Litter, you’ll wonder what took you so long to make the switch. This all-natural cat litter is made right here in Australia, from Australian wheat grain. Don’t think for a second that ‘all-natural” means this litter doesn’t stack up to the expensive, complicated stuff on the market. Wonder Wheat is just as absorbent, long lasting and effective as other cat litters. In some cases, it's even more so! Plus, it's biodegradable, which helps you reduce the size of your kitty's environmental pawprint. Wonder Wheat is an all-round winner!
Delivery and returns
FREE SHIPPING Nationwide - Orders placed between Aug 1st-14th will be dispatched on August 15th.

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