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Doggylicious Pet Advent Calendar

Doggylicious Pet Advent Calendar

Don't Pay $49.95 
Save $1.57
Description and specs
Make this Christmas the best one yet for your pup. Order a Doggylicious Advent Calendar before we sell out. Give back the love and joy your faithful fur baby has shared all year with you! This Doggylicious advent calendar is the perfect way to thank your dog for their unwavering cuddles and companionship. 24 Tail-Wagging Honey Glazed Ham Christmas Cookies. Suitable for All Dogs (including the ones on the Santa’s naughty list). Made in Australia from premium natural ingredients. Gluten and Grain-Free for Happy Tummies. The most sustainable advent calendar out on the market - 100% recyclable.
Delivery and returns
FREE SHIPPING Nationwide - Orders placed between Aug 1st-14th will be dispatched on August 15th.

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