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  9. Dogpro Plus Adult Beef Dry Dog Food 20kg
Dogpro Plus Adult Beef Dry Dog Food 20kg

Dogpro Plus Adult Beef Dry Dog Food 20kg

Don't Pay $154.50 
Save $38.62
Description and specs
Maintain Skin & Coat Contains natural essential oils which help maintain healthy skin & lustrous shiny coat. Vitality, Wellbeing & Immunity Includes natural antioxidants, vitamins & minerals to support a strong & active immune system. Oral Care With every crunch the gentle abrasion action against the teeth of the kibble maintain good oral health. Body Function & Optimal Energy Essential fatty acids provide the energy to maintain an active lifestyle, but also supports normal functioning of cells, muscles & body tissue. Muscle Developments Lean proteins supply amino acids, the building blocks for muscle development & tissue repair. Strong Teeth & Bones Contains a balance of ingredients including whole eggs (with shell) to deliver calcium & phosphorus for strong bones & teeth.
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