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Ceva Prozym Dog Dental Sticks Large

Ceva Prozym Dog Dental Sticks Large

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Description and specs
A unique shape and active ingredient make these chews a powerful anti-tartar weapon! Delicious taste that dogs love Dog's will enjoy chewing at the same time as cleaning their teeth and gums Fights plaque, tartar and bad breath Made to a low fat formula Unique Ergonomic Shape The unique and ergonomic design of the star shaped chew, means that when the dog is chewing, there is greater contact between the dental stick and the dogs teeth and gums, hence increasing the rubbing and cleaning action on the dogs teeth and gums. Unique Active Ingredient RF2 – a key ingredient from plant origins Acts against biofilm that is created by bacteria in the mouth – biofilm is the first stage in formation of dental plaque on teeth Helps to restore bacterial balance in the mouth Induces a 70% reduction in the production of biofilm and a 40% reduction in the production of tartar The RF2 is embedded through the structure of the chew, in the form of microspheres, to ensure a wide distribution and release across the teeth and gums
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