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Aluminium Dog Travel Crate

Introducing the Aluminium Dog Travel Crate, the perfect companion for you and your canine friend. With its ingeniously designed lock that snaps into place immediately and can be operated with one hand, you can rest assured knowing your pet is secure and you have an extra free hand to handle them. The stunning aluminum construction is solid and sturdy, with firmly-bolted hard plastic connectors that keep the crate in place no matter where you are. The crate allows for optimal air circulation from all sides, so your pup can breathe easy while on the go. You’ll also enjoy peace of mind with the vertical-oriented bars on the door and back – they’re designed to prevent pets from biting or climbing while still allowing a clear view inside at all times. Whether you’re going on vacation or just shopping at the grocery store, if it involves bringing your furry friend then it needs to involve bringing their new travel crate! Get yours today and let your adventures begin! Size (cm): 56 (W) x 77 (L) x 65 (H)
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