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Tipping Mower Trailer

Tipping Mower Trailer

Description and specs
The bigger the property, the greater the responsibility. But no job is too big for this beauty. The single piece, poly bed is where the action happens! From farming to construction and agriculture to landscaping, the poly bed can take it all. The corrugated design plays an important role in the huge 181kg load limit. It will never rust, and is also resistant to cracks and punctures. The steel chassis is built to handle the knocks of daily use and to stay stiff over bumps, and through ditches. The massive pneumatic tyres are perfect for carting across lawns, through soil, and mud. Their wide tread is designed for manoeuvrability, and are gentle on soft terrains. The pin style hitch hooks up to most tow systems found on ride-on lawn mowers, lawn tractors and some ATV's. Dumping 180kg of material couldn't be simpler. The tipping latch can be released by hand, foot and even has an option for attaching a line so you can release it from the front seat. The latch is spring loaded so simply return the bed to the upright position to secure it. Try the difference; buy yours today!
Delivery and returns
FREE SHIPPING Nationwide - Orders placed between Aug 1st-14th will be dispatched on August 15th.

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