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Water-Less Lawn Seed Blend 5kg

Water-Less Lawn Seed Blend 5kg

Don't Pay $219.50 
Save $54.87
Description and specs
Transform your property into a lush and vibrant lawn with our Water-Less Lawn Seed Blend 5kg! This remarkable blend is specifically designed to give you a beautiful, peaceful garden without all the extra watering and maintenance. Need an option that works in full sun, shade, or even in low fertility areas? Our unique seed blend consists of turf type fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, annual ryegrass, and Couch grass - giving you the versatility to have the garden of your dreams. With this low-maintenance alternative you can finally let your inner gardener out while spending less time tending to the land. So don't wait any longer; get our Water-Less Lawn Seed Blend 5kg today to create the backyard oasis of your dreams. A lawn without the hassle of regular watering Versatile option adapting to full sun, shade, and low fertility situations Contains for the following seeds; Turf type fescue Kentucky bluegrass Annual ryegrass Couch grass  
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FREE SHIPPING Nationwide - Orders placed between Aug 1st-14th will be dispatched on August 15th.

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