9kg Automatic Treadle Chook Feeder

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If you’re a farmer or pet owner looking for a durable and long-lasting poultry feeder that keeps your chooks fed, the 9 kg Automatic Treadle Chook Feeder is just what you need! This rust-proof and waterproof aluminium feeder is the ultimate in convenience. With solid construction and an easily assembled design, it's designed to give you years of reliable use. The treadle feeder features a protective film and 500 grams of weight requirement to open the lid, keeping food clean and fresh as well deterring wild birds, rats and mice from stealing your feed. What’s more, its waterproof design helps keep rain from ruining all that prized birdseed – helping you save even more on costly food bills. With large capacity of up to 9 kilograms of feed storage in place, the barnyard classic also comes with extra features like an adjustable hole sizes for most bantam varieties – so no matter what breed or size your feathered friends happen to be, this clever contraption will have them fed in no time at all. Whether you’re running a small petting zoo or looking after some backyard hens, make life easier on yourself with the ruggedly reliable 9 kg Automatic Treadle Chook Feeder – the ultimate accessory for frugal farmers everywhere! Feed Volume: 9Kg Weight: 3.8Kg Size (cm): 29(L) x 43(H) x 51(W)
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