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  9. The Vidbag Bulka Bag Dispenser For Returnable Bags
The Vidbag Bulka Bag Dispenser For Returnable Bags

The Vidbag Bulka Bag Dispenser For Returnable Bags

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Description and specs
VIDBAG CONE-R DISPENSER FOR RETURNABLE BULK BAGS This dispenser is specially designed for bulk bags with an outlet spout, the bag stays unharmed and can be used several times. Introducing the Vidbag Bulka Bag Dispenser, your new go-to solution for easy and safe product extraction. This simple yet effective tool gives you complete control over the emptying process at all times - no mess, no fuss! The spike on top ensures good penetration into the bulk bag while also keeping it in its original shape, so you'll never have to worry about inconvenient leakage or spilled products ever again. The large opening of the device is also a major plus as it allows products such as seeds and fertilizers to flow through effortlessly. The Vidbag works perfectly for a variety of applications, including agriculture and animal feed industry - so whatever industry you belong to, this dispenser should meet your needs. Additionally, it is made from corrosion-resistor polyamide material which makes it safe for food contact as well. A quick and easy setup process also awaits; simply insert your bag using a forklift and lower it onto the spiky top for profound stability/contact without needing any extra labour or manual effort from yourself. After use, you can even leave the half-full bulk bag with the Vidbag still inside on the ground - no problem! For a fool proof bulk containment solution that’s both convenient and reliable, trust Vidbag's Bulka Bag Dispenser with your product-emptying needs today!  
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