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IncuPet Animal Incubator with Oxygen Concentrator

IncuPet Animal Incubator with Oxygen Concentrator

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Description and specs
Welcome to IncuPet — your small animal brooders and incubators ICU! It’s time to bring the hospital home for your new-born pets and pregnant pets in need of treatment. IncuPet offers a safe, durable, centralized heating system that helps keep your furry friends cozy. Our humidity and temperature system is easy-to-use, automatically set, and independent. Plus our AI alert function is there to help you out when water levels are low. With large digital displays, easy-to-navigate menus, and customizable options according to health condition—IncuPet has everything you need indoors care for your pet in the best way possible! Connect up your nebulizer or oxygen tank with the dedicated hose connector included with the product. And enjoy the convenience of rotatable slide that makes positioning a breeze. Whether you need an ICU for a new mumma or just a sweet haven for rest—IncuPet has got it all. Get ready to pamper your beloved pet with an appropriate environment they deserve! This model comes with oxygen tank and concentrator. Features: • Automatic Temperature & Independent humidity system, which is easy to use and manage. • IncuPet incubation technology carefully checks and adjusts the set temperature and humidity. • AI alert function helps easily check the condition by notifying you when insufficient of water. • Large digital display • Easy-to-use menu options, enable optimal environment setting according to the health condition of animal patient. • Nebulizer and Oxygen tank can be connected and used separately or simultaneously • A dedicated hose connector is included which can connect to a nebulizer, oxygen tank. • Rotatable sliding door and drawer-separated tray • The sliding door helps to check the condition of the animal patients easily and the drawer-separately tray helps to manage hygiene conveniently. • Clean Air-filter • Built-in air filter prevents dust and impurities. • ANION function • The anion function provides refreshing effect. • LED lighting • The LED's lighting brightness can be adjusted in 5 levels. • Low noise, Low power consumption Dimensions: Internal W 410 x L 600 x H 390 mm, External W 470 x L 855 x H 440mm, Capacity 90L
Delivery and returns
FREE SHIPPING Nationwide - Orders placed between Aug 1st-14th will be dispatched on August 15th.

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