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Parallax Hay Play Ball
Parallax Hay Play Ball
Parallax Hay Play Ball
Parallax Hay Play Ball
Parallax Hay Play Ball
Parallax Hay Play Ball

Parallax Hay Play Ball

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Description and specs
The Hay Play is a great choice for horses that need to increase their forage intake, as it promotes natural grazing behaviour. The Hay Play also prevents horses from gulping their food too quickly and reduces the risk of colic or choke caused by inappropriate feeding methods. The slow-feeding benefits come from the design of the ball, which has thirty-two flat faces that enable it to roll around while the horse grazes on it. This encourages regular movement and keeps your horse entertained while they eat. Plus, its single-piece construction ensures superior strength and durability. It's incredibly easy to use - just open up the cap, fill with hay or even soaked hay if necessary, replace the cap and let your Safe for shod horses Tested for extreme temperatures. Ideal for horses on box, or on restrictive diets Holds up to 3kg of hay. Weighs 2kg empty. 42cm diameter 12 x 7cm holes for eating from. Suitable for paddocks, stables or yards. Suitable for most hoofed animals including goats, donkeys and alpacas. Recessed holes prevent dirt contamination. NOTE: HOLES ARE 7CM IN DIAMETER, SO PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR HORSE'S HOOVES ARE LARGER THAN THIS, FOR SAFETY REASONS.
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