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Scarecrow 360 Fox Repellent
Scarecrow 360 Fox Repellent
Scarecrow 360 Fox Repellent
Scarecrow 360 Fox Repellent

Scarecrow 360 Fox Repellent

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Description and specs
The Sureguard ScareCrow 360° is a new and innovative way to keep foxes out of an area. It’s environmentally friendly, humane and a safe alternative to chemical repellents. Sureguard's ScareCrow 360 uses THREE repelling actions that are active horizontally in all directions, 360-degrees. So no matter which direction the fox comes from, the deterrent will be active. Three Repelling Actions: Blue Sentinel Lights flash to deter foxes up to 200m at night. This simulates human activity that can make foxes feel confused, disrupted or vulnerable. When foxes sense danger or confrontation, they generally choose safety and retreat. Close up, Motion Sensors detect the body heat of foxes. This triggers Powerful Ultrasonic Sound and Bright White Flashing Lights. The combined flashing pattern of the White Lights and Blue Sentinel Lights simulate an Up-Down Motion of the device that foxes are particularly wary of at night. Features Blue Sentinel Lights effectively keep foxes at a distance. HypersoundTM Technology that projects high-intensity multiple frequency waves toward the fox for maximum deterrence. Two selectable operating modes can protect at night or 24-hours a day. Solar-powered with an internal lithium rechargeable battery for day and night operation.
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