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Horse & Farm Mounting Block Steps

Horse & Farm Mounting Block Steps

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Description and specs
Enhance your equestrian experience with our top-of-the-line three-step mounting block – the epitome of durability, convenience, and safety. Crafted from lightweight polyethylene, this heavy-duty step is a testament to its robust design, providing the sturdiest support in the market. Key Features: Lightweight Polyethylene Construction: Our mounting block is expertly crafted from lightweight polyethylene, ensuring strength without compromising on portability. Ideal for everyday farm use, it's a reliable companion for horse enthusiasts on the go. Sturdy Yet Portable: Strike the perfect balance between strength and convenience. This three-step mounting block is designed to withstand the rigors of daily farm life while remaining light enough to carry effortlessly. Show your horse you care by choosing equipment that stands the test of time. Generous Step Area for Enhanced Balance: Mounting your horse becomes a breeze with our thoughtfully designed mounting block. Featuring a generous step area, it promotes increased balance, making the process smoother and safer for both you and your horse. Non-Slip Surface for Safe Operation: Safety is paramount, which is why our mounting block boasts a non-slip surface. No more slipping or sliding – ensure a secure and stable mount every time. Dimensions: Length: 700mm Height: 670mm Width: 520mm Choose our three-step mounting block for a seamless and secure horse-riding experience. Because when it comes to your horse and equipment, only the best will do.
Delivery and returns
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