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Cortex 35kg EnduraShell Dumbbell Weight Set

Adding up to 17.5kg each including the weight of the dumbbell handles, you'll be capable of some big lifts, but with plenty of specificity to find the perfect resistance. Our Cortex 25mm Standard Sized EnduraShell Weight Plates are encased with strong, durable PVC coating, built to last time and time again for your workouts.FEATURESEnduraShell PVC Coated Weight Plates (Cement Filled, not for hard drops, cannot be thrown)25mm hole diameter to suit 25mm Standard/Studio BarbellsWeights & Bar4 x 2.5kg EnduraShell Weight Plate (25mm)4 x 5kg EnduraShell Weight Plate (25mm)1 x Pair of Dumbbell Handles (Rubber Grips) with 4 Spiral Spin CollarsSet Weight: 35kgWeight CombinationsDumbbells (Each): 2.5kg, 7.5kg, 12.5kg, 17.5kg
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