is your doorway to the inner sanctum of the Australian wine industry, your insider on the ground with access to the kind of deals the big retailers wouldn’t see in a month of sober Sundays. Based in the Barossa Valley, we have an ongoing relationship with a huge number of winemakers. Shopping with Winemarket is the next best thing to having the winemaker fill your car boot themselves.

What you won’t get from
• misleading spin straight from some marketing whiz-kid’s fancy office
• confusing deals that require an economics degree to understand
• the winemaking disasters that someone can’t flog anywhere else
• inflated prices designed to protect the CEO’s bonus.

What we promise to deliver
• Real wines from real people and real places
• Fair prices. We don’t have big overheads so why should you pay more than you should
• Straight talk. If it’s a quaffer we’ll tell you, just as we will when we get a super premium wine at a great price.
• Every wine tasted by our expert buyers before they sign the cheques.
• If we wouldn’t drink why would we sell it?
• A Quality Guarantee. If you’re not happy, we’ll refund your money
• Simple and transparent pricing


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