PALS is SA’s Largest Family Owned Liquor Store. Like some other SA brands, PALS has an institutional and highly recognisable brand presence and with that comes a high level of consumer  trust and loyalty.  PALS our philosophy is to give customers the absolute best shopping experience imaginable.  They have strict guidelines on what products they allow in the store, so customers can have full confidence in the quality of every single product that they stock.  They also have staff who are able to help you with finding that hard to get product or to give you advice on matching food and wine, even the simple things like carrying your beer to the car for you is not too much to ask. Founder Ralph Cufone is a local legend of the liquor industry having opened his first shop in 1964.Over the years the store expanded and moved a few times before Ralph & his wife Julie opened Parafield Airport Liquor Store in 1986 in a hangar on the Airport property. Soon the children were also working as the store flourished over the next 10 years. Eventually the store was too small and couldn't fit enough stock so, with that in mind, in 1997 the family built a massive new purpose built store, incorporating drive through convenience as well as Roulettes Tavern just down the road. Today, the store is run by Ralph’s children Suzanne & Sam, and continuing what their Dad started nearly 50 years earlier are now operating South Australia’s largest family owned liquor store.

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