Long before it was a well known brand, Mountain Designs was just one man operating out of a suitcase that he kept under a sofa.


As a young climber, Rick White had a dream – to provide quality goods to adventurers like himself. Starting as a specialist climbing retailer, he spent many years growing his business in Brisbane, serving a miniscule market of climbers and bushwalkers.

In 1975, in response to the burgeoning interest in mountaineering, he launched the company now known as Mountain Designs. His passion for providing high quality goods could only be matched by his appetite for adventure – his adventurist attitude and visionary spirit are still highly regarded amongst climbers today.


It is this 'Heritage born of the mountains' philosophy that has been a consistent image for the past 30 years.

During the 80’s the demand for Mountain Designs products grew, spurred on by the daring spirit of ‘antipodeans’ seeking worldly challenges in exotic places. This was a period of rapid growth for not only the business but also the brand. The upward success of the brand saw the need to control the retailing of products, which is why today we have stores in key locations across Australia and New Zealand.


Over the years the company has continued to grow both by number of retailers and breadth of stock. Mountain Designs has also proudly sponsored expeditions to six of the highest mountains in the world. Early in the 21st century, the Alliance Club was born. Today the loyalty program boasts over 300,000 members.

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