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Fashion shoes for passionate living

Looking beautiful. Feeling fabulous. Expressing your individuality. Making ecological choices. These are all hallmarks of passionate living and they are all at the foundation of melissa fashion shoes.
This innovative, leading fashion brand has walked its way into women's hearts all over the world - and leapt and skipped and frolicked. So welcome! We're thrilled you've stopped by to pay us a visit.

These fashion shoes are works of art

And we mean that quite literally. When you wear a pair of melissa shoes you are wearing some of the top names in contemporary fashion, art and design. Vivienne Westwood, Judy Blame, Alexandre Herchcovitch are a just a few of the world's leading designers who love to create fashion shoes for melissa - and for you.
Read more here about the melissa designers, headed up by the incomparable Edson Matsuo and with 2010 guest designers Jean Paul Gaultier and Gaetano Pesce tapping their feet in the wings …
With a pair of melissa shoes you can be assured of the very latest in fashion, created for you by the world's most sought after contemporary designers.

World leaders in design and fashion

The very best in the fashion industry look to melissa when it comes to footwear design. melissa has brought about a revolution in the style and technology of plastic footwear. Leading designers and labels the world over now create fashion shoes that are inspired and informed by melissa designs.

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