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  9. CUTIFILM Plus Tan Waterproof Dressing 10cm x 8cm 5 Pack

CUTIFILM Plus Tan Waterproof Dressing 10cm x 8cm 5 Pack

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Overview Cutifilm* Plus is a sterile dressing for the treatment of post operative wounds. Sterile Hypoallergenic adhesive Bacteria proof and water proof Secure adhesion Low adherent pad Protects the skin Allows the skin to breathe Conforms well to contours Features and Benefits Cutifilm Plus is bacteria proof and water proof. The thin polyurethane film is coated with hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive reducing the risk of an allergic reaction, with a viscose fibre pad and a low adherent wound contact layer. Transparent film dressing that is permeable to moisture vapour and oxygen. The two tab edges allow the dressing to be easily and quickly applied. The wound pad is highly absorbent.
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