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  9. Quick Fit QB 131 / UNI131
Quick Fit QB 131 / UNI131
Quick Fit QB 131 / UNI131
Quick Fit QB 131 / UNI131
Quick Fit QB 131 / UNI131

Quick Fit QB 131 / UNI131

Description and specs
Package included in:  1 Pack of QuickFit Vacuum Cleaner Bags  (5 Pieces units included per pack)   Description:  Suitable for Volta Bolido Suitable for Wertheim: W5030, W5035, W6030, W6035, 5030, 6030 Suitable for Electrolux: Super Pro, Excellio 5020, Airmax, Excellio 5030, Ergospace, Excellio 5240, Excellio 5040, Ultra Silencer, Excellio 5228, Clario, Oxygen Series, Excellio 5245, Excellio 5045, Maximus ZXM7015-ZXM7035, Viva Quickstop ZVQ2100-ZVQ2135, Viva Conrol ZV1010-ZV1050, Z8871P, Z8821P, Ultratone Z8800-Z8882, ZUSG3900, Ultra Silencer Green ZUSG3000, Z3347, Z5950, Z5942, Z5935, Z5930, ZU3300-ZU3399, Ultra Silencer Z3320-Z3395, Super Pro Z6160, Oxy3 Z06310-Z06360, Oxygen plus Z7320-7399, Z5900-Z5995, Oxygen series Z500-Z5695, Exellio Z5000-Z5695, ZE350, ZE340, ZE330, ZE320, ZE310, ZE305C, Ergospace green ZEG300-ZEG355, ZE2200-ZE2274, Z2244, Ergospace Z2243, Airmax ZAM6100-ZAM6199, Z2010-Z2060, ZP35, Z7574, Z7510-Z7549, Clario Z1900-Z2095 Suitable for Philips: Sydney, Expression, Mobilo, HR 8514, Jewel FC9154, HR 8539-8599, Jewel FC9054, HR 8532HR 8331, FC9154, 8500-8599, 8532, 8514, Expression HR8331, Mobilo/Sydney
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