Lolli Living Tropical Mia Wall Decal Set

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Create a stunning feature wall in your nursery with these gorgeous Tropical Mia removal wall decals. Place above your cot, change table, or any blank wall for a beautiful feature that won't damage your walls. Just peel away the self-adhesive, pre-cut stickers, smooth onto a clean surface, and voila, instant feature wall! Features: Perfect for any blank wall to brighten up your nursery Approximately 80x76cm when arranged on the wall Self-adhesive, pre-cut stickers/decals Removable and won't damage walls FOR THE BEST RESULTS: Apply onto smooth and clean surfaces. Do not apply to freshly painted walls (allow the paint to dry for at least 3 weeks). It may not work on heavily textured surfaces. Test on an inconspicuous area before applying to the wall. Keep decorations away from cots and out of reach of children. Includes: 4 x A3 Sheets
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