BenBat Unicorn Design Travel Friends Headrest for 1 to 4 Years

in Baby Transport Accessories sold by Toymate
The perfect on-the-go travel buddy to keep your child’s neck and head snuggly in place, allowing child to snooze in the car without having to worry about forward head slouching thanks to our special magnetic closure and attachable strap to keep it secured in place. This lovable Travel Friend lets you and your child enjoy a neck-discomfort-free ride! FEATURES: Provides gentle head, neck & cheek support to keep head in place 2-IN-1 – Reversible material for winter & summer: Front side made of a special soft plush material suitable for Winter use Backside made of a softer summer material. Large head support surface and wide neck circumference for total support Unique one-of-a-kind magnet closure that helps prevent forward head slouching Supports ages 1-4  
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