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Battery Charger 12V 10A Smart Caravan Motorcycle Trickle Boat Repair AGM Lithium

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Charge your battery yourself or call out someone for big dollars. Connect your new car battery charger to mains power and get your car moving. Faster than help could arrive. What is smarter? Charging your car battery just the right amount or accidentally destroying your battery? I suggest using a smart charger that tapers off the charge as your battery reaches capacity. Ever messed up red and black? I am always perfect charging my car battery. (I wish.) Charge 12 volt 14.4 volt or 24 volt batteries. Don’t worry about short circuits or reversing the polarity. Charge all batteries. Well maybe not all batteries but a lot of batteries. Pull out your portable car battery charger and charge your car boat tractor fridge motorbike ride-on toy and more. Bring your car battery back from the brink. If your battery has over 2 volts of charge then your vehicle battery charger can do its job. Leave your charger connected until your battery has drunk its fill. Key Features 12V/24V LCD smart battery charger and maintainer MCU intelligent charging process Charge lead-acid AGM and LiFePO4 battery vehicles Battery test and detect Safe charging Easy to use SPECIFICATION:Brand: Manan Material: PVC plastic casing AC input: 220V/50-60Hz Output: DC12V 10A (Lead-acid) DC24V 5A (Lead Acid) DC14.4V 9A (LiFePO4) DC12V 10A (DC Adapter) Min start voltage: 2.0V Operating temperature: -10°C to 50°C Battery range: 30-120Ah Lead-Acid Batteries 10-56Ah LiFePO4 batteries Waterproof: IP65 Charger dimension: 20.5cm x 10cm x 5.5cm (L x W x H) Colour: Black and redPACKAGE CONTENT: 1 x Manan Smart LCD Battery Charger 1 x Alligator Clip Lead Connector 1 x Eyelet Lead with 2 Pin SAE Connector 1 x Instruction Manual
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