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  9. Dreamz Electric Blanket Heated Fully Fitted Pad Washable Winter Warm Double

Dreamz Electric Blanket Heated Fully Fitted Pad Washable Winter Warm Double

Save $55.00
Turn on your electric blanket and be snug as a bug in a rug. Snuggle up on a cold winter’s night. Stay warm through the whole night. Select the right amount of heat for your sleep. Being cold ruins sleep. If your bed is cold you are going to have a bad time. Your heated blanket warms you up even if your bed is cold. You can even pre-warm your bed with your electric blanket. Tuck in your fitted electric blanket. Connect to your power point. Your work is done. Leave your fitted blanket on your mattress all of winter. Or the whole year. It can still get cold in summer. Clean your electric fitted blanket on the gentle cycle in your washing machine. Just wash it by itself. Remove the cord first. Dry it in your clothesline. Nice and fresh heated blanket. We sleep for one-third of our lives. You might as well sleep warm. Heat yourself from below with your fitted electric blanket. Turn it off if you are getting too warm. You have the power in your hands. Key features 3 heat settings Overheat protection 2m removable power cable Machine washable 40cm elastic skirt Anti-dust mite and anti-bacterial SAA/EMC-certified Dual remote controllers (Double/Queen/King sizes) EESS: E2023101205 SPECIFICATION:Brand: Dreamz Material: 100% polyester non-woven fabric Power: 60W (Single/King Single); 60Wx2 (Double/Queen/King) Voltage: 230V 50Hz Maximum temperature: 40°C-50°C Double: 193cm x 137cm Colour: WhitePACKAGE CONTENT: 1 x Dreamz Fitted Electric Blanket 2 x Detachable Remote Control 1 x Instruction Manual
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