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  9. 12V 6 Lpm Self-Priming Water Pump High Pressure Caravan Camping Boat
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12V 6 Lpm Self-Priming Water Pump High Pressure Caravan Camping Boat

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Widely used in farming (lawn and garden) tour vehicles special vehicle ship beverage vehicle cleaning carpet cleaning ground cleaning. (only used for cleaning water do not use for pesticide water or sewage) Diaphragm pump combines the advantages of the self-priming pump and chemical pump Using a variety of imported corrosion-resistant materials self-priming thermal protection smooth operation long-time continuous idling long-time continuous load operation Automatically on or off: When the water outlet is closed it will automatically cut off the power the motor stops. After the water outlet is opened it will automatically power on the motor runs. Rubber bracket can absorb vibration from the pump when working Intermittent service: different working pressures lead to different continuous working times Installed in a dry well-ventilated location and can't work in water pump with a pressure switch will be automatically cut off when the pressure of water outlet is big enough.SPECIFICATION: Volts : 12V DC 220VAC Rated power: 70 W Pressure : 0.9 MPA (MAX 130 PSI) Flow capacity: 6 L/MIN (6.0 Litres per minute) Medium temperature: 0? -100? Product Size: see photos Product Weight : 0.64 kgs/1.41lbs Note:Each water pump has quality tested during manufacturing process thus it is normal that some water left inside the pump head.PACKAGE CONTENT: 1x Water Pump
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