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  7. Rinnai Granada 25MJ Radiant Convector Gas Heater Off White 252WN2 *NATURAL GAS*

Rinnai Granada 25MJ Radiant Convector Gas Heater Off White 252WN2 *NATURAL GAS*

in Heaters sold by Powerland
The largest in our Portable Radiant Convector heater range, the lightweight Granada 252 Radiant Convector distributes a cosy, radiant warmth in open planed areas thanks to its powerful fan and high heat output. Its three heat settings and two speed fan cater to your exact indoor heating requirements, and the convenient carry handle allows you to take comfort with you throughout the home. Designed with safety in mind, the Granada 252 Radiant Convector comes equipped with a host of safety features including a tilt-switch off function, flame failure device, dress guard and sensors. With an impressive 5.9 star energy rating, enjoy comfort without the bill shock. The Granada 252 Radiant Convector is the energy efficient portable gas heater that will keep you snug when the temperature drops outside. All you need is an appropriate gas connection point. Standard features: Cosy radiant warmth combined with a powerful fan Compact design - makes it easy to move Electronic ignition Concealed controls Variable heat settings Compatible with Natural Gas Safety features: Tilt switch Oxygen depletion sensor Flame failure safety system Dress guard Over heat switch Radiant Heater Brochure Portable Radiant Operation & Installation Manual Granada 252 Spare Parts & Exploded Diagrams Space Heating Warranty Booklet
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